The Na Cucky Theatre is an independent theatre group which has managed its own stage since 2013. With its works ranging between theatre and dance, the group always tries to capture purely contemporary aesthetics and reflect the current cultural and social trends. The ensemble is formed by professional artists not only from theatre sphere but also other creative fields (animation, architecture, film, graphics, music, etc). The specific mix of production teams working on creative content forms a distinctive poetics which can be characterized by a tendency to experiment and search for new means of theatre communication.

The premises of the Na Cucky Theatre at Wurmova Street 7, Olomouc are an open platform for creative meetings and realization of regular programme covering the questions of citizens’ participation and environmental themes. The dramaturgy of the space is also formed by Czech and foreign theatre and dance productions, workshops, Na cucky Studio, leisure activities and W7 Gallery events. The theatre manages a theatre hall, foyer, a fresco hall and facilities suitable for artist-in-residence programmes.


The activities of the Na Cucky Theatre are backed up by the public benefit organization DW7 which is also the main organizer of the international Flora Theatre Festival and realizes the project of community gardening called Za()hrada.

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Divadlo na cucky, Dolní nám. 42, 779 00 Olomouc
Program Divadla na cucky produkčně zajišťuje DW7, o.p.s.

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