The Na Cucky Theatre has gone through several stages which resulted in a gradual transformation of the amateur ensemble to professional theatre group which, apart from its own dramatic work, also creates a platform for various other activities.

The theatre was founded already in 2003 when a group of “teenage theatre makers” formed around director Lukáš Večerka. He staged first two productions of the group performed in the premises of Dům Armády House in Olomouc – the first production was a play by Felix Mitterer Krach im Hause Gott and the second was a collage of Jiří Kolář’s texts called Kolář/ž, neví kam jdem? – it won the main award at Wolker’s Prostějov festival, was performed at Jirásek’s Hronov festival, etc.

In 2004, Jan Žůrek became the artistic director and produced his own text Anna, co teď?. Shortly after that, the collective moved to Theatre at Hodolany where it became part of the newly founded Tramtarie Theatre, where it worked under the title “Studio of Original Production” and created productions System and Šatuni. Due to a different outlook on dramaturgy and theatre’s profile, the ensemble separated at the beginning of 2006 and focused on the development of its own – more sharply defined poetics.

In the autumn of 2006, the long era of the work in the premises of the Art Centre of Palacký University started and at that time, most of the theatre members were students of the Faculty of Arts at Palacký University. Lead by Jan Žůrek, the students worked on various site-specific projects, stage readings and development of acting skills and techniques. In December 2007, the Cabaret Kaldera was premiered and became the first proper production with regular staging.


In the following seasons the theatre started to work on their repertoire and produced at least 3 productions each year. The theatre production and organization was assumed by the civic association Divadlo Konvikt which has taken care of it up to now (it was transformed into a public benefit organization DW7). They produced original plays or contemporary texts staged in Czech premieres. Besides the artistic director Jan Žůrek (he staged e.g. L. de Weck: Favourite People, G. Flaubert: Mme Bovary, G. Steinbuch: Dead in the Head/Kopftot), other prominent personalities of the upcoming generation of young theatre makers produced their work here – Ján Mikuš (B. Voráčová: Western), Jan Frič (J. Fosse: Someone is Going to Come), Anna Petrželková (S. Kane: Cleansed).


In the following period, the ensemble looked for their own stage where they could work permanently. Apart from the Art Centre of Palacký University, they also performed at Divadlo hudby Theatre and one season also at a music club called S-Cube. During this time the dramaturgy focused mainly on experimental drama ((A. Strindberg: Miss Julie, directed by: J. Žůrek), original production (storytelling production Jsem Nebe (I’m the Sky) by Barbora Voráčová and Little Red Riding Hood by Jan Frič; on physical theatre – storytelling collage by Jan Žůrek Ostrov / Olomouc (Island/Olomouc) and dance theatre (J. Žůrek, H. Košíková: The Burrow).

In autumn 2012, the theatre group found its own stage in the premises of a former canonical residence at Wurmova Street 7, where they started a reconstruction helped by dozens of volunteers and theatre members. The theatre was ceremonially opened in February 2013 with a premiere of Fernando Krapp Wrote Me This Letter directed by Jan Žůrek. The theatre space became a centre of cultural and community life of the town – other ensemble also found their home stage here (Slovanský tyátr, Cirkus LeVitare, The Conservatoire of the Evangelic Academy). The range of educational activities and workshops in the foyer also grew and even a W7 Gallery was founded.

The dramaturgy has developed also in the sphere of physical theatre (H. Košíková, J. Žůrek: The Burrow, followed by Dorian and Hedoné) and also in the field of experiment (storytelling project Saga III or coproduction project with the Handa Gote group called Silence).

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