Nordspiration on the waves of Radio Wave
What was the end of Nordspiration at the Flora Theatre Festival like? Listen to Helena Fikerová's report for Radio Wave!




For those of you who did not managed to read the interview with one of the dancers and the choreographer of the penultimate production of Nordspiration, which opened the festival with great response from the audience, we are bringing you an English translation of this article which appeared in the festival newspaper here! Enjoy!



The Nordspiration project has reached its climax at the Flora Theatre Festival a few days ago. We will get to its evaluation shortly since it deserves a lot of attention, however, one thing is quite obvious – without the support of the EEA and Norwegian Grants it could NEVER happen. We really appreciate the support and are happy to publish the press release of the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic which reacts to the increasing amount of misleading information and speculations regarding the meaning and purpose of the EEA Grants and Norwegian Grants in the Czech Republic. We are tremendously happy to be one of the supported projects and all in all part of the grant programme. We believe that you, our spectators and supporters of the Nordspiration project share our approach and attitude. You can read the press release of the Ministry here. We are recovering form the most amazing and most exhausting 10 day festival and are looking forward to other surprises connected to the project! We will keep you posted!



Nordspiration opens the Flora Theatre Festival!

We are sorry to inform you that the Nordspiration project is drawing to an end. The good news is that we managed to keep the cream of the crop until the last moment. In a few days we are going to welcome the best of the Norwegian contemporary dance scene! We are hosting the Praeambulum and Mono productions within the jubilee XX. Edition of the Flora Theatre Festival! We believe you already have your tickets but just in case you don't, the last ones are available in the reservation system of the Moravian Theatre – here.

For our dedicated dance enthusiasts the members of Ingun Bjørnsgaard Prosjekt (Praeambulum) and Kompani Haugesund (Mono) have prepared a workshop. You can book your place again through the Moravian Theatre booking system. The first workshop is scheduled on Saturday 14th May at ArtUm Centre and the second on 15th May at the Fresco Hall in our theatre as usual.

Another hot news is that the performers of Kolonie group are just finalising their production Godt og Ondt in our premises and will show it to the audience also at the Flora Theatre Festival. The tickets are available at the link above.

We are looking forward to seeing you at all three productions and two workshops! Let's celebrate the climax of the project in a proper way!



The climax of Nordspiration is quickly approaching! The pre-sale of tickets to three productions of this Czech-Norwegian project has therefore been launched! We will present them at the Flora Theatre Festival and you can look forward to a visually pure production packed with dance called Praeambulum (Ingun Bjørnsgaard), a turquoise blue delight MONO (Mia Habib) and a Czech production with Norwegian feel Godt Og Ondt. Praeambulum will open the festival officially on Friday 13th of May at 7.30 at Moravian Theatre, you can see the trailer here. MONO will be performed actually twice to the audience at S-klub – on 14th of May at 8.30 and on 15th May at 11 am in the morning at 11:00. The trailer to MONO is a must see – here!

On top of that we will host the world premiere of a new interdisciplinary production of the Kolonie ensemble which was created thanks to a February residency of Anita Krausová, Jana Kozubková and Jindřiška Křivánková in our partner organization Dansearena nord in Hammerfest at the very north of Norway. We will host the girls at a small residency just before the premiere on Friday 13th, the reruns are on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th.

You can buy the tickets to all the productions through this link!



We are only a few days away from another portion of the Norwegian menu called Sisters 11 Years Later which will be performed on 30 March at 7 pm at the Moravian Theatre Olomouc. You can book and/or buy your tickets at the box office of the Moravian theatre or online at The entranced fee for students is reduced to 140 CZK!

You can find an annotation to this personal confession of the Haugen sisters (Anne Kathrine and Liv Hanne) and their big family about how they managed to cope with the loss of a close person here. The trailer to the production is available here.

The production will be in English with Czech subtitles and is sure to fascinate large spectrum of audience with captivating dance, music, texts, visual aspects as well as a film which is part of the production.

For contemporary dance enthusiasts we are also having a workshops with the Haugen sisters a day before the production on 29th of March at the Fresco Hall at Na Cucky Theatre from 6.30 pm. You can find the annotation for the workshop here. Be sure to book your place in our booking system, the capacity is limited!



Notes from Hammerfest

One of the artists who are currently in the far north in the Norwegian town of Hammerfest thanks to the project Nordspiration, Anita Krausová gave a live interview to a progressive Czech Radio Wave for which she works as a reporter. You can listen to the whole interview about what is she actually doing in the frozen land here.



Kolonie north of the Arctic Circle!

Thanks to the Nordspiration project we had a chance not only to get north of the Arctic Circle ourselves but moreover to send Kolonie to this beautiful place. Kolonie is a theatre group represented by three artists Jindřiška Křivánková, Anita Krausová and Jana Kozubková. In the premises of our partner organization Dansearena nord they have been working on their new production called Godt og Ondt since Monday 15th February. Thanks to the residency, the three artists can fully focus on their work for a month. Therefore the Nordspiration project does not only present Norwegian productions to Olomouc audience but also actually builds real cooperation between the Czech Republic and Norway and enables creation of a unique production which will be premiered at the Flora Theatre Festival.

You can check the first Norwegian photos of the girls here. Follow us on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter for regular updates!



Thanks to the Nordspiration project, our theatre had a great chance to present a Norwegian production about self-harm and eating disorders called De Grenseløse on 20th January in the evening as well as twice during the day for schools. Morning production was attended by students of Hejčín grammar school, afternoon one by students of Iša Krejčí Art School and Žerotín Art School. This was an invaluable experience for the students as well as our organization and thanks to the debate which followed the production and was attended also by the Norwegian dancer, we managed to open the theme of perception of these problems not only in the Czech society but also the Norwegian one. One of the most interesting points was the fact that during the Norwegian tour some of the schools and organizations thought the production was too controversial and therefore decided to cancel it. They believed it could have actually promoted the self-harming rather than warn against it. Together with the students and professors we agreed that in the Czech context, it is hugely important to open this topic on stage as well as off the stage as often as possible.

For the afternoon production we invited a psychologist Barbora Sedláková who deals with similar problems in her everyday practice. The students thus had an exclusive chance to speak to a specialist. All three productions were sold out and from the reaction of the students and public we could see a clear interest in more controversial themes, which challenges us to organize more events as this one and present them to teenagers and general public.    

You can watch a video invitation to the Olomouc production on our Youtube channel here.

The pictures from the production and the workshop are avaiable on our FB pages.



Let's get inspired by the north even in the new year!

The Nordspiration project which enables us to bring Norwegian productions to Olomouc continues also in 2016 with a production called De Grenseløse. You are cordially invited to come see it already next Wednesday 20th January at 7:30pm at Na Cucky Theatre in Olomouc. The previous day – on the 19th you can visit and take part in a workshop led by the dancer Kari Skotnes Vikjord. The production studies the controversial theme of self-harm and eating disorder as well as other illnesses and conditions that the younger generation of our time faces. Another production of the Nordspiration is planned for end of March at the Moravian Theatre so do not miss the opportunity to see De Grenseløse or “The Infinite” for yourself!



The second Norwegian guest coming to Olomouc will be Amund Sjølie Sveen performing on the 7. and 8. of December. The stage seminar/performance Ecomonic Theory for Dummies will follow an exclusive workshop where Amund together with the participants explores the links between art and reality. How does political situation, facts and true stories relate to fiction, abstraction and poetic expression? Various aspect of the current refugee crisis in Europe will serve as material for the “reality” at the workshop.



Nordspiration – starting this Saturday!

Already this Saturday 28. November we are hosting the first production of the Nordspiration project. It will be a production called Jordjenta (Soil Girl in English) by trio of performers Berstad, Helgebostad and Wigdel. We cordially invite you to the Divadlo hudby theatre at 7 pm. After the production, there will be a discussion with the creators and the following day a workshop with one of the dancers Kristin Helgebostad in our theatre – Divadlo na cucky at Wurmova Street. If you are interested in this unique workshop, please make a reservation in our system to have your place assured, the capacity is getting full! You can reserve your tickets for the production on the Divadlo hudby website. The link is here:

We are looking forward to meeting you in the theatre!



This morning we held a press conference where we introduced our project Nordspiration to the media. You can read the press release in Czech version here and look forward to reference to our project as well as the first production in local media soon.

We would also like to announce that we have arrived safe and sound to Olomouc from Norway. It was educational, beautiful, touching, bilateral and just unforgettable! We have met with most prominent personalities of the contemporary Norwegian dance scene, visited National Theatre and the Opera house and moreover, we have set out far beyond the Arctic Circle to the town of Hammerfest where the international encounter for contemporary dance and performing arts called Kedja took place as well as the DanseFestival Barents. A production called Praeambulum which we saw at the festival was so breathtaking that we have decided to host it in Olomouc within the 20th Flora Theatre Festival! There is a lot to look forward to!

You can see some pictures of our study/work trip here or at our Facebook page or Instagram!



Na Cucky takes Norway!

We are travelling to Norway for a nine-day study trip with almost the whole team of the Na Cucky Theatre and the Flora Theatre Festival already this Sunday! We will spend the first four days in Oslo where we will meet with representatives of prestigious cultural centres, theatres and ensembles and then we will continue north of the Arctic Circle to Hammerfest. We will visit an international meeting Kedja and DanseFestival Barents there. We will participate in various seminars and discussions on theme of contemporary dance and performing arts and will make contacts, gain know-how from the Norwegian institutions and individual artists and at the same time represent ours! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram which are going to be flooded with more info and photos from our study trip!



We received 11 applications to the open call announced at the end of August and the theatre committee has chosen one project which will participate in an artist-in-residence programme in Hammerfest, Norway.

The chosen project is called Godt og ondt. and its authors – dancer and performer Jindřiška Křivánková, actress and translator Anita Krausová and musician and performer Jana Kozubková will focus on the theme of violence.

Please find annotation to the project here.

Congratulation to the winning project and thank you to others for taking part in the open call.



We have just announced an open call for artists from the field of contemporary theatre, dance or new circus interested in a residency in Norway during February or March 2016. The call runs until 14th of September 2015.

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